Customized Tutoring and Diagnostic Testing

  • Would you like to see your child get better grades in school?
  • Does your child have test anxiety or bad study habits?
  • Do you cringe at the thought of having to spend hours helping with homework after a hard day at work?
  • Is your child doing just enough to get by and you want more?
  • Is your child just not getting it at school?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, Advance Learning Center can help!


Less expensive tutoring places are not the same!

  • Do they provide pre/post test results?
  • Are they based on national standards?
  • Can they be altered or are they given on a national testing site with immediate results?

Advance Learning Center uses MAP testing, gets immediate results and has no way to alter results.


  • Do they have teachers who have degrees or expertise in the subjects they tutor?
  • Do they have teachers who teach high school levels and beyond?
  • Do they have proven track records and do they teach only 1-2 students at a time?

Advance Learning Center does.



We can help with:

  • Homework
  • Filling in the gaps
  • Finding weaknesses that may be holding your child back
  • Providing enrichment
  • Helping prepare your child for standardized tests
  • Teaching study skills
  • College entrance exam assistance for students and adults


After School Tutoring Session Fees

Current fees:

  • $125 testing fee (one-time fee covers all testing needs throughout the tutoring sessions)
  • If student leaves for more than 6 months, testing fee is due again at time of new enrollment.
  • $40 per hour or $35 per hour with a 3 month minimum contract
  • The 3 month contract is preferred because this helps parents make a commitment to continued success. We have found we can make extraordinary differences in 3 months.



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